Tankterminal-Lokeren, your partner for:

1) Cleaning of tank containers, bulk/silo containers
    and roadtankers, issuing the ECD (EFTCO)
    - 3x CHEMICAL cleaning bays
    - 2x FOOD cleaning bays in accordance with highest standards
      (HACCP, Kosher, testing,...)
    - 1x IBC cleaning bay
       - high quality/volume
       - separate cleaning of FOOD and CHEMICAL IBC’s
       - IBC services: cleaning, drying, sealing, checking
    - 1x cleaning bay for TRUCKWASH and EXTERNAL wash of:
       - tank containers (20"-30"-40")
       - roadtankers
       - trucks and trailers/chassis
       - delivery trucks, small trucks and busses
       - incl. internal cleaning of cooling and open trailers
       - TRUCKWASH OPEN FROM 08:00 UNTIL 18:00 (Mo-Fr)
         or after contact by telephone

2) Heating of loaded tank containers on chassis
    - heating with steam
    - heating by electricity (240V/380V)

3) Depot/storage and handling of tank containers
    - depot for max. 75 empty tank containers
    - 1 container lifting truck
    - short waiting times, drop dirty & load cleaned
      (swob & drop)

4) Other services
    - secured parking (120p, camera monitoring + surveillance)
      (1€/h, 1st hour free + free with cleaning)
    - sanitary facilities (showers, toilets)
    - restaurant & cafeteria (daily menu, truckers menu, à la carte,
      sandwiches, coffee, non-alcoholic + alcoholic drinks,...)
    - truckers shop/stop (incl. tel/fax + WIFI) 
    - AVIA petrol station (incl. AdBlue, Red Diesel/Gas Oil)
    - LNG station with 2 dispensers (Liquified Natural Gas)